What size soccer cleats should I get

Not all soccer shoes sizes are created equal. These soccer cleat size charts will help you find the right boot size, whether or not it's your street shoe size.

What size soccer cleats should I get

Listed below are soccer cleat size charts to help you figure out the best soccer shoe size for you.

Not all soccer shoes sizes are created equal – don’t necessarily rely on your street shoe size.

The best way to determine your size is to actually measure the length of your foot from heel to toe. Then look up your size in the soccer cleat size charts below.

Before you determine your soccer cleat size – are you sure you’re buying the right cleats?  Check out our comprehensive guide to help you choose the best soccer cleats for you.

6 Quick Steps To Accurately Determine Your Soccer Cleat Size:

  1. Measure in the afternoon or at night, since your feet swell slightly during the day.
  2. Put on your soccer socks.
  3. Stand up with your back against a wall on a hard floor with a piece of paper under your foot. Make sure you are evenly distributing your weight on both feet.
  4. Have a partner trace your foot onto the paper with pen or pencil.
  5. Measure the straight line (either in inches or centimeters) from the tip of your big toe to the back of your heel.
  6. Look up your heel to to length in the soccer size charts below and find the recommended Nike or Adidas shoe size.

Got your measurement and your boot in mind?

Jump to the right chart for Nike or Adidas.

  • Nike

    • Men’s Soccer Cleat Size Chart

    • Women’s Soccer Cleat Size Chart

    • Baby, Toddler and Kids’ Soccer Cleat Size Chart

  • Adidas

    • Adult Soccer Cleat Size Chart

    • Baby, Toddler and Kids’ Soccer Cleat Size Chart

Nike: Men’s Cleat Size Chart


UKEU SIZEUS SIZE9 3/85.538.569 1/26396.59 5/ 864079 7/86.540.57.510741810 1/87.5428.510 3/8842.5910 1/28.5439.510 5/89441010 7/89.544.510.51110451111 1/810.545.511.511 3/811461211 1/211.546.512.511 5/81247.51311 7/812.54813.5121348.51412 3/813.5491512 5/81449.5161314.5501713 3/81550.518

Nike: Women’s Cleat Size Chart

HEEL-TO-TOE LENGTH (cm)EU SIZEUK SIZEUS SIZE2235.52.5522.43635.522.936.53.5623.337.546.523.7384.5724.138.557.524.5395.58254068.525.440.56.5925.84179.526.2427.51026.742.5810.527.1438.51127.544911.527.944.59.512

Nike: Baby, Toddler, and Kids’ Cleat Sizing Chart

HEEL–TO–TOE LENGTH (cm)EUUKUS9.3171.52C9.71822.5C10.218.52.53C10.61933.5C1119.53.54C11.42044.5C11.8214.55C12.321.555.5C12.7225.56C13.122.566.5C13.523.56.57C142477.5C14.4257.58C14.825.588.5C15.2268.59C15.626.599.5C16.1279.510C16.527.51010.5C16.92810.511C17.328.51111.5C17.829.511.512C18.2301212.5C18.63112.513C19.131.51313.5C19.53213.51Y19.93311.5Y20.333.51.52Y20.73422.5Y21.2352.53Y

Adidas: Cleat Sizing Chart for Adult Men and Women

Note: Adidas only included the inch decimal guide. Those rulers are not as common in the US so I also included the fractional conversions (in column 2).

HEEL–TO–TOE LENGTH (in.)HEEL–TO–TOE LENGTH (in.)UKEUROPEUS – MENUS – WOMEN9″93.536459.1″9  1/8436 2/″9  5/164.537 1/3569.4″9  3/85385.56.59.6″9  5/85.538 2/3679.8″9 13/16639 1/36.57.510″106.5407810.1″10  1/8740 2/37.58.510.2″10  3/167.541 1/38910.4″10  3/88428.59.510.6″10  5/88.542 2/391010.8″10 13/16943 1/39.510.511″119.544101111.2″11  3/161044 2/310.511.511.3″11  5/1610.545 1/3111211.4″11  3/8114611.512.511.6″11  5/811.546 2/3121311.8″11 13/161247 1/312.513.512″1212.548131412.2″12  3/161348 2/313.514.512.3″12  5/1613.549 1/3141512.4″12  3/8145014.515.512.6″12  5/814-50 2/31512.8″12 13/161551 1/31613″1315-52

Adidas: Baby, Toddler, and Kids’ Cleat Sizing Chart

Note: Adidas only included the inch decimal guide. Those rulers are not as common in the US so I also included the fractional conversions (in column 2).

HEEL–TO–TOE LENGTH (in.)HEEL–TO–TOE LENGTH (in.)EUROPEUKUS3.53 1/2171k13.68753 11/16182k2.54.18754  3/16193k3.54.54 1/2204k4.54.81254 13/16215k5.555225.5k65.18755  3/16236k6.55.31255  5/1623.56.5k75.55 1/2247k7.55.68755 11/16257.5k85.81255 13/1625.58k8.566268.5k96.1256 1/826.59k9.56.31256  5/16279.5k106.56 1/227.510k10.56.68756 11/162810.5k116.8756 7/82911k11.5773011.5k127.18757  3/1630.512k12.57.31257  5/163112.5k137.57 1/231.513k13.57.68757 11/163213.5k17.81257 13/163311.58833.51.528.1258 1/83422.58.31258  5/16352.538.58 1/235.533.58.68758 11/16363.548.81258 13/1636 2/344.59937 1/34.559.18759  3/163855.59.31259  5/1638 2/35.569.59 1/239 1/366.59.6″9 5/8406.57

There you have it – hopefully the actual measurement of your feet combined with these soccer shoe sizing charts has helped you find the perfect size!

Recently Nike has come out with an app which will measure your size with your camera phone – you can check it out here.


My name is Bryan and I’m an average soccer player. That’s right – average – but a lifetime of mediocre soccer under my belt has given me countless opportunities to try and improve my game with any edge, including soccer cleats.

How do you know what size soccer cleats to buy?

In most cases, a tighter fit is recommended for soccer cleats, so your standard shoe size may not be the size you end up in with a soccer shoe. Your soccer cleat should fit as close to the end of your foot as possible, without touching your toes. A 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap is ideal.

How do you know what size cleats to get?

Take an Accurate Measurement of Your Foot Place your foot on the paper, trace an outline with the pencil, and measure from your heel to the end of your longest toe. Make sure to wear the same style of socks you wear on game day. Do this for both feet, as it's quite likely one will be slightly larger than the other.

How do I choose the right soccer cleats?

Cleats shouldn't be too tight that they'd cut off circulation or too loose that you risk losing them on the field. Typically the rule for cleat sizing is buying half a size smaller than your normal shoe size. The shoe should fit your foot snugly but still allow toes enough room to move.

Should I go half a size up for soccer cleats?

Choose cleats that feel ultra-snug around your foot and allow for a little wiggle room in your toes. It's not uncommon for pros to wear cleats a half-size smaller than their standard casual footwear to get that “second skin” feel.